5 things.

May. 20th, 2014 09:57 pm
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 1) I have a new fitness program, a new project management utility, and we're working on a household budget. I am in grave danger of becoming a responsible adult.

2) Though, I did have chocolate milk and popcorn for lunch so. Maybe it's not so all-encompassing yet. But I am trying to locate my ducks, with the eventual intention of coaxing them into something like a row.

3) I am working on getting comfortable with the exclamation point. I keep being afraid of not sounding sufficiently good-natured via email, and so I'm learning to go back and strategically deploy exclamation points, because I cannot bring myself to use emoticons, no matter how hard I try. Which, to be honest, is not at all: I'm a throwback to the days before emoticons (yes, children...) when one conveyed emotions in text with asterisks or doubled colons. ::chuckling:: Also, you kids get off my lawn! ::gestures with cane::

4) This weekend was a festival of gardening here, and now there are flowers all around and odd clots of mud everywhere. I'll take it. Now, I need to keep everything watered, apparently - that's my gardening job, since I don't really know enough about anything else to do it without significant supervision. But I can soak dirt. Who has two thumbs and can make mud?

5) I don't know. Four was a stretch, to be honest, but I am trying to get back in this habit since I like it so much when friends write with their updates. I'm hatching a big new project, I'm not sick anymore, small human remains lovely and exhausting. I'm beta-testing the new kidsbook and fretting about how few of the beta-tester's I've hear from so far, which is one (hi, [personal profile] tircha !). Yeah, things happening. Watch this space.
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