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 1) Nuit Blanche. I fucking love that all of Toronto stays out all night looking at contemporary art. Some of which is fantastic, even if some of it is boring or pointless. And some of the big sponsored exhibits just feel meh while some of the indiest ones are brilliant.

1a) In fact, two of my all-time favorites were indies, chief among them Something For Muffin, in which a card table covered in beautifully frosted cupcakes was laid out in the middle of the street. You couldn't buy them with cash, but in exchange for some brief performance you could have your choice. I believe I sang a sea shanty (with Zev), and then as we were walking away with our tasty prizes someone busted out part of The Magic Flute, I think, and stilled us all.

1b) Also, the next morning after Nuit Blanche there's always some people whining of the interwebs that there are too many high teenagers and some things require queueing and this is clearly a sign of the apocalypse, and I just can't help but think "then stay home, whinypants."

 2) Dear World, Our teenagers get stoned and spend the entire night walking around the city in groups looking at contemporary art installations. Neener neener neener. Love, Toronto

3) Today the Weesauce and I were in a playground near his school in the evening, frolicking about. We were the only ones there, as it was getting on toward dusk. Two guys with a bottle in a bag came weaving toward the park, having a drunken conversation about someone's ex-girlfriend that featured some less-than-savory language. As they neared the park gate, one of them said "Oh, dude, there's a little one there still." And without further discussion, they stumbled on past our park to somewhere else.

4) Whenever I do some basic decent thing like give up a seat on transit or help someone with their parcels/stroller/door/whatever people just kind of smile and nod. Maybe I get a little pat on the arm. No one goes on like I'm the One True Savior of Civility and Courtesy because a ton of people do that sort of thing here. It's just easy and unremarkable.

5) Also we have a Fringe Festival, and two Restaurant Weeks, and a city-funded LGBTQ Community Centre and a truly drool-worthy library system. And two Chinatowns. And some other very cool shit.

5b) Okay, and the world's worst mayor. Admittedly. Still, I really like it here.

Date: 2012-10-11 11:50 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] themagdalen
2) hee.
3) awww!

and the cupcake table, wow.

I've always wanted to see Toronto.

Date: 2012-10-11 01:58 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kore
Toronto sounds so lovely. I wish I could live there (or Vancouver).


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