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S Bear Bergman ([personal profile] sbearbergman) wrote2012-10-17 10:42 am

five ways of looking at a rargh.

 1) I feel like I am made of rusty cogs and old socks today. Like cogs and socks that have been left out in the rain for a month. I slept poorly and it's a cold and wet day of weather, and I had bad dreams besides.

2) And the weesauce was a whiny fusspot this morning too. He dissolved into tears and misery five times before 9am, for things that would normally be either very minor upsets or simply no thing at all. Either he's getting sick or he's waaaaaay overtired. Possibly both.

2a) ::sigh::

2b) There are all sorts of things I need to be doing right this minute.

3) Our local parks are full of Chinese women the size of my forearm, doing tai chi or falun gong outdoors in all weather, fearlessly stretching and bending and sometimes also having a chat. They seem to be made of other stuff. Nicer, newer stuff that hasn't been left outside overnight even one time. 

4) There's a giant university that's now hugely, incredibly late with a large check and it is really fucking my shit up. Giant bureaucracies are giant and bureaucratic, indeed.

5) Okay, well. Evidently today is going to happen whether I want it to or not, so. Maybe today is the right day to buy a slow cooker. That's a kind of a treat, right?

5a) Hey, do you have favorite vegetarian slow-cooker recipes?