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S Bear Bergman ([personal profile] sbearbergman) wrote2012-11-21 01:20 pm

5 things make a post about mourning

 1. It was Trans Day of Remembrance yesterday. I have observed each of them. My longtime friend Gwen is the founder of the event, and I have participated in some kind of TDoR event every year (though for the first few years, those events were internet-based). 

1a. For quite a while, a poem I wrote was read at many TDoR observances, though it seems to have somewhat expired. It's from my brief 'spoken word' phase, but the effect of it was right for the events, I felt.

2. I was able to attend a portion of last night's Toronto TDoR event, and then I had to take Mr. Weesauce home because he did pretty well for about 50 minutes and then started his Runaround Sue routine, and it seemed to be distracting people, taking them out of their intention and moving them into a "who's making all that noise?" place. My Secret Agent Lover Man stayed to speak, and I brought the munchkin home.

3. It was a really excellent event. Reflective and challenging and full of forward-looking talk about how to protect each other better. It was made by people I like and/or respect in Toronto, and how this turned out - down to the glimmer of the strands of fairy lights all around the room on the floor, enclosing us in a circle of light - were very right for the moment. I was grateful to be able to be there.

4. Israel and Palestine. I have been staying largely off Facebook because I cannot even with people and their opinions, so many of which seem so flattened and uncomplicated. I am praying for everyone and mourning for everyone. I would like to see this come to peace in my lifetime, in a way that values the dignity and humanity of everyone involved and allows all parties to live, work, and raise their families without fear and without hatred. Please G-d.

4a. Please don't comment with your opinion about Israel and Palestine. Please. It will result in me killing this post to avoid any discussion, and I would rather not have to do that.

5. I am missing some people a lot today, for various reasons. Especially Will, from long long ago, one of my dear, dead friends.

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*because I cannot even with people and their opinions*

Lord. Yes.
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Right? Oy.