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 1) I got to co-keynote a conference today with my Secret Agent Lover Man [ profile] ishai_wallace , and it was so satisfying. We're a good team, and I like him so much, and he's smart and says smart things. But also we got to do a whole schtick, of which I am also so fond.

2) I did the event with my dear [personal profile] tigerflower 's handkerchief in my breast pocket, flying like a favor into battle. Very satisfying and much remarked upon.

3) Then we flew home. Things happened. Things of a Mercury Retrograde nature which I do not care to discuss. 

3a) Except to say, rargh.

3b) And also that flight attendants with a moderate Scottish burr are ideal, and all flights should have one.

4) A new book cover is going to happen, and it is not making me wail and rend my garments anymore. This is due to the good offices of my SALM and also, especially, the indefatigable [personal profile] zevinboots who synthesized the good bits out of all the ideas thusfar and made something good. Several somethings good, actually; Facebook is still weighing in on book cover finalists and there are strong partisans for each.

4a) For those of you playing along on Facebook, we're going with a version of the glitter on a wood floor cover (not that font for Glitter, though). But however you voted, I really appreciated all the time, help, and input.

5) I had a total New York moment today. After all of the events in #3, we were queued in the sleet for cabs and the first cab in the queue was refusing to pull forward, despite the fact that the security guard was instructing him firmly and repeatedly to move along without a passenger. He wouldn't go, which meant the half-dozen full cabs behind him couldn't go, which meant nothing moved as he tried to argue with/mansplain to her. Finally I'd had it. I shouted "Hey!" at the arguing cabbie in a way that is 100% my dad, quintessentially New York, guttural and sharp, and then "We're all freezing out here! Whatever this is is, move it along!" 

He grimaced and complied. Everyone around me said "Oh, thank you," in these incredibly relieved tones. 

Date: 2013-02-27 02:01 pm (UTC)
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I approve of all this except 3) and 3a), and especially #2. Such love to you.


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