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 1) Over the weekend, something great and also awful happened. One of the little kids in our co-op was briefly not accounted for. All of the ground-floor homes have backyards that open onto a central courtyard, and the courtyard is gated with a deadbolt at each end. So we're all relatively easy about letting the kids run around and be marginally supervised (but still within a protected area) even when they're little. If we don't see one of them we can probably hear them, and this was they get to just play without being followed constantly. Anyhow, this two-year-old had been inside w one of his parents while the four-year-old and other parent were outside. The indoor parent was washing dishes, and then didn't see the 2yo and thought the 2yo had gone outside, and then discovered that one of the gates was open -  &c &c, kid turned out to have gone and "hidden" in older sibling's bed - so when parent called out, kid stayed quiet because hiding. It was all sorted in short order.

But the thing that was so heartening about it all was that when the parents started calling out for that kid, neighbours literally poured out of their houses to look. Within two minutes a dozen people, easily, were calling his name up and down the street, searching every part of the place and out on the street side as well, fanned out and calling his name and getting passers-by, including a taxi driver, involved. It turned out to all be fine, but it was pretty heartening to see how quickly people in various states of pajamas went tearing out of their houses and fanned out around the building. 

2) This reminds me that my dad once shared the following wisdom: if you're ever looking for a something visible at street level (a car especially) and it's important, call every cab company and offer $1000 to the driver who finds it for you. 

3) I'm tired, and there's all of everything to do again tomorrow. Whee. I am sending myself to bed as soon as I've managed five things worth. Because lets face it, I am a Virgo like who some days.

4) I am so enthusiastic for our summer of houeguests. Everyone is coming to visit, nearly, and lo, I am gladhearted. I love having a guest room for this very reason, especially one that's so cozy and welcoming with a big comfy bed.

5) I have asked my Secret Agent Lover Man to please bring Corn Chex and Cheez-Its back from the states and thank you. These are American pleasures I jprefer never to be without, and I am a little surprised that they haven't made the jump over the border. Cheez-Its, you guys. Cheez-Its are delicious, and such a perfect little cracker. 

5a) Now, sadly, I want Cheez-Its. ::sigh::


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